Planning for Functional Needs Evacuation
  1. *Plan Development

Planning for Functional Needs Evacuation

Plan Development

So you have launched an inclusive community planning process, incorporated the best practices and ideas from emergency managers, planners and researchers from around the country and performed an exhaustive, multifaceted gap analysis process. Now what?

It all comes together by developing a plan that is organized, realistic and consistent with the plans being developed in neighboring communities. Plans should not be exact copies of each other from one county to the next, but they should share a complementary structure that complies with the principals of California’s Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS).

Neighboring communities often work together during emergencies (and sometimes with state and federal counterparts as well). These principals provide a common framework and a common language that facilitates smooth multi-jurisdictional operations. If you do not already have an evacuation plan to build on there is a plan framework/template provided in the Resources section.

Template Planning Framework (link will open new window)