Planning for Functional Needs Evacuation
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Planning for Functional Needs Evacuation

Best Practices & Guidance

There is a growing body of guidance documents, research papers and planning strategies being published on the topic of planning for the emergency needs of people with access and functional needs. This is an exciting development, but where is the emergency manager or transit operator supposed to begin with so much information available? Some of the ideas coming out are innovative and show great promise. Some approaches - like trying to develop and maintain a comprehensive registry of people with access and functional needs - have proven unworkable.

The key is to determine which strategies make the most sense for your community and then incorporate those elements during the analysis phase when you are looking at gaps in your existing plans and developing solutions to address them.

Many examples of best practices and guidance are available in the Resources section of this toolkit. But the place to start is the Guidance on Planning and Responding to the Needs of People With Access and Functional Needs (link will open new window) issued by the Office for Access and Functional Needs.